Snapshots from North Cascades National Park

It was so good to get away for a while after all the craziness of 2020 (so far). The flight to Seattle wasn’t bad, though it did get uncomfortable wearing an N95 mask for over 4 hours. Everyone on the plane cooperated with the rules, and we didn’t have any dumb jackasses on our flight trying to prove a point.

The first couple of days, we had some issues with unhealthy air quality from the wildfire smoke blowing in from Oregon, but on the second night in Stehekin it rained and we had a nice clear morning the following day. After that, the air quality was fine, though still a bit foggy at times. This was a perfect location for vacationing during a pandemic, as there weren’t many people anywhere we went once we got outside the city limits of Seattle.

All photos were taken with either an iPhone XS or Ricoh GR.

Day 1. All that haze is smoke from the nearby fires. It smelled as bad as it looked.

Mrs. Lite & I rented some bicycles and rode to Rainbow Falls shown here. We were the only two people anywhere in the vicinity of this place.

Path leading from Stehekin Lodge to the boundaries of North Cascades National Park

Little fingernail-sized frogs seen at a locally owned garden that sells fresh produce.

The glorious view of Lake Chelan from right outside our cabin after the overnight rain cleared away all the smoke.

View from 3 miles in to the Purple Pass trail that begins near the visitor center at Stehekin Lodge.

Dusk at Lake Chelan. One minute exposure taken with my Ricoh GR.

Washington Pass

Lake Ann as seen from Maple Pass trail

Chipmunk taking in the views near the top of Maple Pass


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