Simplify your life: saying no to subscriptions

One of my consistent life goals over the past several years has been to find ways to simplify my daily life.  I like to believe I've made good progress on this by keeping my responsibilities to an absolute minimum and saying no to everything that is either non-essential or non-entertaining.  Other than keeping good health, … Continue reading Simplify your life: saying no to subscriptions

Review: $4 Old Navy Flip Flops

I'm normally not a fan of flip flops since my Chaco sandals are much more comfortable and durable, but on my recent snowboarding trip to the Colorado mountains, I bought a pair of cheap flip flops to wear indoors. One of my best friends lives in Denver with his dog, so part of the week … Continue reading Review: $4 Old Navy Flip Flops

Off to Colorado!

No new posts this week since I'll be spending the week in the mountains playing in the snow.  I never travel with my computer, and writing lengthy amounts on a phone is a pain in the ass, so I'll be back once my vacation is over.  Happy winter and have a good week!