Review: $4 Old Navy Flip Flops

I’m normally not a fan of flip flops since my Chaco sandals are much more comfortable and durable, but on my recent snowboarding trip to the Colorado mountains, I bought a pair of cheap flip flops to wear indoors.

One of my best friends lives in Denver with his dog, so part of the week I stayed at his house.  Though the dog is very friendly, she sheds a lot of hair which sticks to the bottom of socks like ball bearings to a magnet.  This happened to me the last time I visited, and all those canine hairs were very difficult to remove.  So on this trip, I thought I’d try some flip flops to save the bottoms of my feet from an onslaught of puppy fur.


The flip flops I decided on were the standard $4 pair sold at Old Navy.  They happened to be on sale when I went to purchase them, so I got an even better deal at $3.

What was the quality like for $3?  Better than I expected.  My vision was that I would wear these things for a week, then toss them in the garbage before boarding my plane back home.  But they were more comfortable than I thought they would be and I think they’re durable enough to get some significant use out of them, so I brought them back, washed them, and stored them away for future use.

Granted, these are not sturdy enough that I’d trust wearing them for hours upon hours of walking around outdoors, but for light use around the house they’re surprisingly solid shoes.

From a value standpoint, these get an A+.  If you’re looking for some cheapo disposable flip flop sandals for an upcoming vacation, give these a try.  Old Navy stores are pretty common throughout the country, so I’d recommend visiting a store and trying them on first, as they seem to run large.  My work shoe is an 8.5 mens, and the small sandals fit me perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Review: $4 Old Navy Flip Flops

  1. You discovered my secret. 🙂 I also use Old Navy flip flops at home in Canada. It will last me more than a year. And I too buy it when it’s on sale. Another place to get a cheap and reliable flip flops is at Joe Fresh which is found mostly inside Superstore, a grocery store and counterpart of Walmart.

    Apart from flip flops, I also shop clothes in Joe Fresh. There’s one time I bought a hoodie and corduroy pants for $4 each. It doesn’t happen all the time though.


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