The Flexo-line (how to dry clothes)

One of the most useful travel gadgets I own is this:


It’s called the Flexo-line.  Let’s take it out of the package and see what it looks like.


The Flexo-line is a strong, flexible, braided rope made of rubber.  It doesn’t take up much space in your bag, and it can be extremely useful to have if you need a way to hang up wet clothes and don’t have any access to clothes hangers.

Let’s see how it works.


It’s got a good sized loop of rope on each end.  These are used to secure the Flexo-line to any two attachment points several feet apart.  It can be wrapped around door knobs, towel racks, or anything stable enough to support the tension of the rope.  Once your line is up, pieces of clothing can be inserted into the many braids that run the entire line of the rope.  Like so:


Keep doing this multiple times until all your washed clothes are hanging and ready to dry.


You can even lay stuff directly on top if you don’t feel like using the braids:


The Flexo-line actually stretches out quite a bit more than what is pictured above.  Those were the only doorknobs I had available in my domicile for the picture, so that’s what I used.  I just double checked the stretchiness and can easily get it to over 5 feet in length without any problem.

The last few years, I tossed in a small length of regular string (pictured below) with my Flexo-line because there are some situations where it’s not easy to secure both ends properly.  So in cases like that, I use the string to tie up one end of the Flexo-line, and I secure the other end like usual.


The Flexo-line is inexpensive, extremely durable, and made in the USA.  I’ve had mine for over 15 years, and it still looks and functions like it did on day one.  It’s reassuring to still see the occasional company that takes pride in making a solid product that’s built to last.

I’ve upped my travel game over the last few years and am generally staying in nicer lodgings because I can finally afford to, so most of the places I stay at have hangers readily available.  As a result, I haven’t needed to use my Flexo-line as much.  But there are definitely situations where it’s a life saver, and because it doesn’t take up much space and weighs practically nothing, it always has a permanent place in my travel bag.

Flexo-line gets Lite Adventurer’s highest recommendation.

For more information, please visit the company website at



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