A Photo Essay: Bonnaroo 2017

Just a quick post today to share some pictures from my recent time at Bonnaroo.  It didn’t rain, and the weather was about the best you could ask for considering that the event was in Tennessee in the middle of June.  What a great time; so much good music and interesting people watching.

Most of these were taken with my iPhone 6S.  Because of the general dusty/dirty conditions, I opted to not take a real digital camera on this trip.  I did however bust out an old film camera for the festival:  an Olympus Stylus Epic, also known as the mju II in some part of the world.  It’s dust proof and water resistant, which made it perfect for the environment we were in.

Some of the most incredible light on Day 2 as the sun was setting and a fog machine from a nearby tent blew this layer of mist across the field.



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