Ear plugs for travel


One of the more recent additions to my travel bag is a set of ear plugs.  I can’t function properly if I don’t sleep well, and like most people I have problems falling asleep if there are unpleasant noises sounding off in the background.

I first starting packing these a few years ago when my guy friend/regular travel buddy started snoring louder and more frequently than he did in the past.  After that insufferable experience, I always keep a set of ear plugs in my toiletries bag.  They’re small, practically weightless, and can make an enormous difference in the quality of one’s vacation.  Unless you’re a super heavy sleeper, there’s no reason not to have some of these available.

The plugs I use are a cheap set I bought at the local pharmacy.  They work fine, but my ear canals are small, so I’ve been considering an upgrade to something a little more comfortable in the near future.  There’s a timely article on NPR that reviews several brands of ear plugs:  here’s the link.

I do have an expensive, really nice set of custom ear plugs that were made at an audiologist’s office using foam molds of my ear canals.  I got these in high school when I played the drums and didn’t want permanent hearing damage.  They’re great for that type of extreme setting and I still wear them when I pound the drum set, but I’ve found that for sleeping they’re not quiet enough.  Even the ubiquitous disposable foam ones work better for that purpose.

Based on the NPR article linked above, I may try the EarPeace plugs and see how they compare to my current ones.  They come in a petite size which should be perfect for my narrow external auditory meatuses.  If I decide on these, I’ll be sure to review them in a future post.


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