Review: Ear Peace ear plugs

Sleep is essential for my happiness.  If I don’t average 7 to 8 hours per day in the sack, my mood declines, and I’m generally unpleasant to be around.

For this reason, a few years back I started packing a pair of ear plugs in my travel bag to keep stray noises from waking me up in the middle of the night.  Regular ear plugs get a bit uncomfortable because my ear canals are on the narrow side, so when I came across Ear Peace ear plugs that come in a petite size, I decided to try them out.

Here’s how they come packaged:


One set of these retails for $25 and you get free shipping.  From the time I placed my order, I got these in the mail in a speedy 2 business days.

Each set comes with three ear plugs, so in the event you damage or lose one, you don’t have to buy a new set.  It’s a nice touch.  The plugs come with three different noise filters providing different levels of sound blockage.  I only tested the Max filter since I wanted as much noise blocked out as possible.  Also included is a metal cylindrical case.  You can choose either red or black.  I didn’t find the case necessary, so I left it at home.

Here’s a picture of the plugs themselves:


And here’s an informative chart explaining the amount of decibel reduction you get with the various filters:


Overall, I like these ear plugs.  The plastic is soft & squishy and easy to get in and out of my ears.  Once inside, they stayed put and never felt like they’d accidentally fall out.  The petite size happened to fit perfectly in my smaller than normal ear canals, and I didn’t get the sense of expanding pressure that I get with normal ear plugs.  The amount of noise reduction was good as well; not anything groundbreaking, but they are consistent with most ear plugs out there which is good enough for most normal situations.

If you’ve got narrow ear canals or find regular ear plugs uncomfortable, consider giving these a go.  You can buy them directly from the company at



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