Review: Columbia Zero Rules Short Sleeve Shirt

This will be a short, concise review.

I don’t like this shirt.

It’s too light and floppy, feels cheap compared to prior model Columbia polyester shirts, and is sized too large.  I bought this in a Small, and it still looks way too big on me.  The torso portion is a tad larger than expected, but the sleeves are proportionally much larger than they should be.  The only body type that would fit well in this shirt is someone who is either slightly obese or who has massive shoulders from lifting a lot of weights.

Columbia Men’s Zero Rules short sleeve shirt


A closeup of the tag information


Even if it fit well, the Zero Rules shirt simple feels cheap compared to the quality I’ve come to expect from Columbia, and I’ve tried a lot of their shirts. Save your money and don’t bother with this shirt for travel.  I’ve been using it as a disposable lawn mowing/yard work shirt, and it’s worked fine for that purpose.

Lite Adventurer’s rating:  *½ (one and a half stars out of 5)

It gets a star and a half just for being superior to a cotton shirt in its quick drying ability.



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