Lite Links – Minimalist travel tips by Save Spend & Splurge


If you’ve read through my articles so far, one thing that becomes plainly evident is that I’m a guy, and many of my packing tips do not address some topics that are specific to women.  At some point in the near future, I plan on posting up a guest write-up by Mrs. Lite Adventurer that is geared toward the lady lite travelers because let’s face it:  there are things that guys just don’t have to worry about but the ladies do.

In the meantime, I’d like to share a great article written by a fellow blogger and minimalist named Sherry who I’ve been following for the better part of this decade:

Minimalist travel tips by Save Spend Splurge

We both have a very similar approach to travel, and the above link is an awesome primer written by an experienced lady traveler geared toward a female target audience.

By the way; Sherry’s site is excellent.  There’s a lot of great stuff about minimalism, personal finance, travel tips, and other super interesting writing.  It’s one of the few blogs that I read on a regular basis, so head over there and take a look!



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