Photo essay: New Orleans French Quarter

I had been to New Orleans a few times in the past, but this was the first visit where I was able to check out some of the historical sights in the French Quarter as well as some of the voodoo related places.  Bourbon Street is undergoing some construction and is a complete mess at the moment; it really detracts to the feel of the place at night when everyone in the streets is having to maneuver around narrow fenced off sidewalks since the main road is completely dug up.  Other than the smell and the ridiculous amount of homeless people, it was a worthwhile visit.


Massive construction at Bourbon Street


Nicholas Cage’s tombstone in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.  Those lipstick marks are from his fans.


Street artist and his dog.


9 Roses Cafe. One of my favorite meals during my time in the French Quarter.





The Voodoo Museum.




Mardi Gras World; where all the parade floats are made.





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