The Flexo-line: the Swiss army knife of travel accessories

One of my favorite travel gadgets is the Flexo-line.  I initially reviewed it here if you’re not familiar with it.

In addition to its usefulness as a portable travel clothesline, it has some other versatile purposes too — as would be expected from a strong, flexible, braided rope.

Back in 2012, my friend and I went down to Key West to ring in the new year.  I got an absolute steal on a hotel room at the La Te Da hotel right on Duval Street for several nights surrounding New Year’s Eve, which we’re super excited about because this is the first trip to Key West where we can actually afford to stay at a place where all the action is.  Our flight lands, we catch a cab to the hotel, and take our bags to the front desk to check in.

So far, so good.

We get our keys and walk into our room, and we quickly realize that something very important is missing:  the shower curtain.  Not only is there no curtain; there’s no rod to hang a curtain even if one were available.  The bathroom is designed in such a way that whoever is in the shower can look out the bathroom door (which is not really a door; more of a huge hole in the wall without the actual door part) and see a clear shot of the rest of the room.

Logic then follows that anyone standing in the room has an unobstructed view of the person in the shower.

My buddy and I look at each other and think, huh, this is a new one.  We’ve been celebrating New Year’s Eve in various cities every year since graduating college, and we’ve never seen this before.  And we’re not dealing with a regular shower either; this thing is huge and can probably fit, depending on the size of the individuals, between 4 to 5 grown adults in it at the same time.

So they gave us — me and my guy friend — the orgy room.  With a massive bathing area and no shower curtain or door.  That’s just fantastic.  My friend’s a great guy and all and we’ve been buds since we were 18, but I damn sure don’t want to see his junk.

We head back to the front desk in the lobby and place a reasonable request for a shower curtain.  Homeboy at the desk appears baffled, as if it’s perfectly normal to shower in plain view of everyone else and that we’re the weirdos for wanting a little privacy.  Turns out this room has not had a shower curtain for months, and the hotel did not have the supplies needed to place one during our stay.  It IS the orgy room after all, and apparently we were the first guests to complain about it.

Dispirited, we shuffle back to the room and brainstorm for a solution to this conundrum.  My Flexo-line!  I’m sure there’s a way I can fashion it in such a way that we can throw either a bed sheet or some towels over it and create a temporary wall to separate the orgy tub from the rest of the room.  With a little trial and error and a few extra towels, we were able to rig this up:

This thing stayed up like this for the entire 3 nights that we were in Key West.  Even with the weight of those big, heavy beach towels, the line didn’t sag or snap in half.  The Flexo-line was the savior that prevented all manner of awkwardness for the duration of our bro time, and this experience made me appreciate it even more than I had in the past.

Lesson 1:  if you’re staying at a new hotel for the first time, research it a little bit.

Lesson B:  with a little creativity, you can usually solve many problems with the goods that you have on hand.

I did hear that this hotel renovated all their rooms a couple years back, so this issue has likely been fixed by now.  And other than this one minor problem, the hotel itself was fine.  They actually had one of the best free hotel breakfasts that I’ve ever eaten; it’s still in my personal top 3 hotel breakfastses of all time.  The bar is fantastic as well, and my spouse and I got to visit and partake in several drinks on a recent trip, so if you’re in the area, definitely check it out.

If you want to get your very own Flexo-line, follow this link to check it out and read more user reviews:  FLEXO-LINE Compact Clothesline


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