Recent travel clothing purchases

I have none.  I buy all my travel clothes from brands that make quality products (my current wardrobe seems to be mostly Patagonia and Ex Officio), so I only need to buy them about once every 8 to 10 years.  I have a Columbia Omni Dry t-shirt that I purchased 8 years ago and just wore for the first time last week because it took so long for one of my prior travel shirts to wear out.  That’s the beauty of high end polyester travel tops:  the well-made ones are not only very comfortable, but they’re extremely durable as well and will last a lot longer than any cotton or merino wool shirts.  Not the cheapo $10 polyester shirts from Target; I’ve tried those and they’re trash.  But high quality travel shirts like these are worth every penny.

I did go to my local outdoor clothing store earlier today to look around and see if anything new was available, but nothing in the store fit me as well as my current batch of travel clothes.  And while I was browsing, I realized that even if I did find something suitable, I don’t actually need anything.  I estimate that it’ll be at least another 5 years before I need to replace any of my clothing.

Which is perfect for a frugal, light traveling minimalist like me who dislikes shopping 🙂


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