Photo Essay: Egypt

My recent vacation in Egypt was amazing.  Expectations were met and exceeded.  We did an organized group tour with Trafalgar, of which I’ll be writing a full review soon for any of you readers who may be interested in visiting in the near future.

Below are some photos I took during our approximately 2 weeks there.  I usually don’t have this many pictures in a single post, but there was just so much good stuff to see and there was a lot I wanted to share.  All photos were taken with either a Nikon Coolpix A, iPhone 6S, or Holga 120N film camera with Portra 400 film.  Enjoy, and hope everyone has a great week!


2 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Egypt

  1. These are all great photos that it’s hard to choose which is my favourite. But I have a thing for black and white photographs and if I’ll choose one, I would go for the temple of Hatshepsut. I’m glad that you didn’t hold back on posting photographs using different gadgets. It’s nice to see what a photo would turn out using a Holga. I wonder how you juggle all these gadgets.

    Once in a trip, I dropped a Canon Powershot which I proven how durable it is. Then I also have an iPhone and an iPad because I don’t have power bank back then. Next time I’ll be more prepared and agile, juggling gadgets. And I’ll do the burst mode also because my friends and I can’t just get the right timing when jumping. Why do we have to jump anyway?


    1. Thanks! I enjoyed taking them. The Hatshepsut shot with the people holding umbrellas is one of my favorites as well. Most days on tour I carried around a backpack since it was so hot and we had to drink lots of water, so I threw my Holga in the bag and carried my iPhone in one pocket and my Nikon camera in the other pocket. I only took two rolls of film with 12 frames each, so I was very deliberate about using the film camera. Without the daypack, it would have been a pain in the ass carrying around 3 gadgets.


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