Things I appreciate about home part 2

A while back I wrote about some Things I appreciate about home after traveling.  I have a few more things to add to the list since my recent time in Central America.

Road quality.  I live in a place with no state income tax.  Having that extra money in my bank account is awesome for sure, but compared to neighboring states that do have more tax money, our roads are pretty bad.  But they still aren’t as piss poor as the roads in many other places.

Over 10 years ago a friend and I spent some time driving around Panama (the one next to Costa Rica, not the redneck riviera in Florida), and one thing that I still remember vividly is all the missing manhole covers in Panama City.  Driving around without full attention and accidentally running into one of those would have instantly killed our small rental car.

Some parts of Guatemala we drove through on our recent trip also had some questionable pot hole-y stretches in addition to some of the most atrocious traffic I’ve ever seen.  So a big thumbs up to USA’s highway system, as I don’t truly appreciate it until I experience what driving is like elsewhere.

Urinals of the proper height.  This is a weird one that I had a problem with in all the areas of Guatemala I visited.

The urinals were set way too high.  Every city we visited I saw this.

I’m a short guy (me and Lil Wayne are about eye to eye) and I saw plenty of local men way shorter than me over there, so I do not understand why the urinals are bolted to the wall so high up.  I was just barely able to get my johnson over the protruding lower lip, and even this required some manual manipulation of my man part so it wouldn’t touch the porcelain.  Someone shorter than me would seriously need a step stool, or they would have to use the regular toilet.

The confusing part about all this is that there is no mechanical disadvantage to hanging a urinal too low since there’s at least 2 feet of urinal wall to work with and gravity naturally moves stuff toward the ground; a tall person can easily use a low hanging urinal, but a short person is out of luck with one that’s positioned too high.

And this was so consistent in several different places- it wasn’t just limited to one establishment.  So odd.


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