The benefit of traveling with a small camera

It’s so you don’t have to carry around a monstrous son of a bitch lens like this guy:

Some folks taking pictures of a turkey in Tikal National Park. The next two photos will zoom in on different parts of this one you’re looking at now.

The turkey in question. Cool little dude, but just a regular turkey like all the other turkeys.

And holy good god look at the size of that thing! You could sniper a Bald Eagle from 5 miles away with that piece of glass.

How much do you suppose a lens like that weighs? I bet a lot, and I can’t imagine it’s any fun carrying that thing across international borders.

It seems like way overkill to take a photo of a turkey, but to each his own. Mrs Lite, our local Guatemalan tour guides, and I all found this scene hilarious, and I’m happy I had my iPhone handy to capture the memory.


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