What I’m doing during lockdown

Like everyone else in the world, my spring travel plans went kaput due to COVID-19 (or as we call it in the South, "everything going on"). I'm also not working much at the moment. Though I'm a worker in an essential industry, our office is closed temporarily for probably at least a couple more weeks … Continue reading What I’m doing during lockdown


Olympus XA review for the lite traveler

About 10 years ago, I really got into film photography after shooting nothing but digital for many years. Desiring an alternative to the digital photography experience, I spent a good bit of time playing around with a variety of old film cameras. My timing was fortuitous, because used film cameras were cheap and plentiful at … Continue reading Olympus XA review for the lite traveler

Update: Patagonia stretch wavefarer shorts

A while back, I replaced my sturdy and dependable North Face travel shorts with the Patagonia Stretch Wavefarer Walk shorts (original review here). The original North Face shorts were fine, but they took longer to dry than I liked, and I wanted something in a simpler design without all the extraneous cargo pockets. It's been … Continue reading Update: Patagonia stretch wavefarer shorts

iPhone XS and 11: getting the best out of the camera

The primary reason why I take pictures is to document the people and experiences in my life. Like a visual journal, I enjoy going through these periodically and re-living good moments of the past. It's amazing how many memories can be connected to a single photograph. I recently looked at some old film pictures from … Continue reading iPhone XS and 11: getting the best out of the camera